Gizli silah HAARP -İyonosfer Haarp Weather Modification Technology in Alaska

by Cüneyt Hocam, 6 years ago
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Part 2 here: The Military's Mystery Machine - Haarp Weather Modification Technology *update* why this cuts out .. not sure. *uploaded* part 2 -- see videos to continue ... A short documentary on how Haarp operates using concentrated radio waves on the ionosphere to affect weather and as many believe--start earthquakes. Haarp stands for: High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Haarp is located in Gakona, Alaska and researcher and author Nick Begich refers to it as "Military's Pandora's Box". It's been reported too by many authors working with chakras and higher energies that HAARP could very likely be an orchestrated attempt to keep earth's frequencies on a low cycle to hold people (and the earth) down in consciousness{?}